20 Amazing Ideas – How To Use Vinegar

Natural Cleaning oven bicarb and vinegar

Step 1. Before you start reading I want you to go through your laundry cupboard and your kitchen cupboard and collect all those bottles of nasty toxic chemical filled cleaners.………. Ok welcome back now we are ready to get started on my guide to lox tox cleaning with vinegar. Better for you, better for your family, better for the environment and a better way to save money.

Step 2. Invest in some good quality spray bottles. You may find you need a few for the different areas of the home.

Step 3. Read this story about all the amazing uses for vinegar. Yes that’s right tried and tested good ol fashioned white vinegar and apple cider vinegar. They now take pride of place on the shelf. Vinegar is cheap and replaces so many of the harsh chemicals we find in the supermarket. Thanks in main to the acetic acid found in all vinegar.

Step 4. Stay tuned for more of my natural cleaning hints and tips.

Ok guys here we go get ready for this. Here are my…

Top 20 tips for using vinegar around your home.

  1. Remove sticky residue left over from labels – Soak in full strength vinegar and wipe clean
  2. Keep you washing machine clean – run the machine on an empty hot cycle with a cup of vinegar once a season to keep mould at bay.
  3. All-purpose cleaner – add full strength vinegar to a spray bottle for tough to clean areas, like the shower and get scrubbing. Or for benchtops you can dilute equal parts water to vinegar.
  4. Mozzie bit itch no more – soak a soft cloth in vinegar and wipe over the itchy spots.
  5. Really clean your loo – with a mixture of vinegar, bicarb and lemon your loo will be smelling sweet in no time and hygienically clean.
  6. No more showerhead build up – if you are able to remove your shower head soak the whole head in a bowl of vinegar overnight and wipe clean. If not soak a towel with vinegar and wrap around the shower head.
  7. Soap scum –Wipe down your shower walls and bath with vinegar. Then before you finish give the shower glass one last spray and leave it there. This overcoat will prevent build up.
  8. Remove Ick from bath toys – squeeze water out of the bath ducky and fill your sink with half water half vinegar. Suck the mixture into the bath toys and allow to sit for 30min then give them a good shake sit for a bit longer and squeeze out again.
  9. Disinfect chopping boards – once cleaned spray vinegar over your chopping board.
  10. Clean the dishwasher – Give the dishwasher a good wipe out with vinegar. Pop a jug of vinegar on the top shelf and run cycle on hottest temperature. Once run wipe down again and run the cycle with vinegar again.
  11. Unclog a drain – pour ½ cup baking soda down the drain followed by 1 cup of vinegar. Once the bubbles have stopped flush drain with hot water.
  12. Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner – fill a spray bottle with vinegar and once you have washed your hair give it a spray with the vinegar and then final rinse. Shiny and healthy again. Thanks Udderly Healthy Soaps for the tip.
  13. Bring your tap ware back to life – spray your taps with vinegar and then polish with a lint free cloth. So shiny
  14. No more bugs – fill a bowl with a few drops of dish detergent and apple cider vinegar. Pop the bowl where there are bugs they will be attracted to the smell and then get stuck.
  15. Sweet Smelling cleaner – Once you have juiced your delish oranges and lemons. Add the rind to a jar and fill the jar with vinegar. Leave it to sit for a month or so and strain the vinegar out to use.
  16. Streak free glass – Window cleaning and mirror cleaning, a short person’s nightmare. But it’s simple with vinegar. Simply spray and wipe clean with a lint free cloth. No more streaks.
  17. Shiny Stainless steel – Dip a cloth into vinegar and then bicarb soda and you have the perfect stainless steel cleaner.
  18. Burnt Pots no more – once the pot has cooled, scrape out as much as you can. Pour white vinegar into the burnt pot about 2 cups will be fine, pop the pot on the stove and bring to the boil for about 10 minutes. Take the pot ack off the heat and allow to cool then with a touch of washing liquid wipe away the left over burnt bits.
  19. Clean your walls – Undiluted vinegar is perfect for disinfecting and cleaning all those gruby tiny hand prints all over the wall.
  20. Remove mould from your bathroom – mix vinegar with a few drops of dish liquid into a spray bottle. Spray mould affected areas, leave for a few minutes and wipe clean.


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