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Hi I’m Melanie, owner and founder of Life is For Living. Welcome to my lil page and I hope to inspire and uplift you to “Be the Change”.
My personal long term goal is to live a totally self sufficient life in my tiny house, on a block of land with my veggie garden and orchard. This is a dream for the future but for right now my goal is to live as sustainable as possible and reduce my carbon footprint on this amazing earth. In my eyes one of the best ways to do this is to support local business. Being a mum of two amazing children I am also helping them grow to take responsibility for their decisions on this earth and to help them see that every choice we make has an effect on the world around us. I want to leave a positive legacy for future generations.

Vision and Mission

The Life is For Living Mission is to inspire you into living a more sustainable life, a whole life and a more fulfilling life. My mission is to make living a more environmentally friendly life easier. Change can only happen one step at a time and I encourage you to try this way rather than throwing out everything you own and starting fresh.
In the past this site has been connected to a business directory but after much ummming and ahhhing I have made the decision to work on the blog only. If you operate a business with a focus on positively impacting the planet and it’s people I would love to have a chat to you through my sister company Life is For Living Marketing. You can find all you need to know about our personalised and affordable strategies right here www.liflmarketing.com.au