20 Amazing Ideas – How To Use Vinegar

Natural Cleaning oven bicarb and vinegar

Step 1. Before you start reading I want you to go through your laundry cupboard and your kitchen cupboard and collect all those bottles of nasty toxic chemical filled cleaners.………. Ok welcome back now we are ready to get started on my guide to lox tox cleaning with vinegar. Better for you, better for your family, better for the environment and a better way to save money.

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How to Create a lovely Delicious Zero Waste Lunchbox

Zero Waste Back to School

School holidays are almost over and School’s almost back. This week we are going to have a look at how to pack a school lunchbox with as little waste as possible. There really is no need to send your child to school any more with a bag full of pre-packaged food. Not only is switching to low waste easier for little hands to open but the environment and school grounds will thank you. It is also highly likely you will find your children consuming less sugar in their diet.

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12 Step Guide to The Best of Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

Every day we make decisions in our lives that have an effect on everything. They affect our families, our lifestyle, the people around us, the environment, our financial situation. So the list goes on and on, by everything I mean everything. I am always talking about making on change a month. This one change a month has to be a conscious move toward a more sustainable life and a decision you know you will be able to live with and stick to for…. Well forever really.

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Homemade Deodorant – Your Body Needs Chemical Free Love

home made deodorant

Every month I try to take on at least one new way to reduce our waste and reduce the nasties we are putting into or on our bodies. This month’s big one was deodorant. When I was looking for a homemade deodorant recipe it had to fit a couple of criteria. Most importantly that I could get hold of the ingredients with ease or already had them, that it worked and that it was cheap.

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Change to a Plastic Free Life

world swallowed by plastic

One change a month is all it takes to make a huge difference in the amount of plastic you purchase. Plastic Free July pushes all of us to the next level and challenges you to make a difference every day of the month. What if you made these changes for life though? Not for just one month? Can you imagine the changes we would see to the world we live in. This image represents our world being swallowed by plastic! I don’t want to see this and I know you don’t either. So STOP.

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