How to Create a lovely Delicious Zero Waste Lunchbox

Zero Waste Back to School

School holidays are almost over and School’s almost back. This week we are going to have a look at how to pack a school lunchbox with as little waste as possible. There really is no need to send your child to school any more with a bag full of pre-packaged food. Not only is switching to low waste easier for little hands to open but the environment and school grounds will thank you. It is also highly likely you will find your children consuming less sugar in their diet.

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12 Step Guide to The Best of Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

Every day we make decisions in our lives that have an effect on everything. They affect our families, our lifestyle, the people around us, the environment, our financial situation. So the list goes on and on, by everything I mean everything. I am always talking about making on change a month. This one change a month has to be a conscious move toward a more sustainable life and a decision you know you will be able to live with and stick to for…. Well forever really.

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Change to a Plastic Free Life

world swallowed by plastic

One change a month is all it takes to make a huge difference in the amount of plastic you purchase. Plastic Free July pushes all of us to the next level and challenges you to make a difference every day of the month. What if you made these changes for life though? Not for just one month? Can you imagine the changes we would see to the world we live in. This image represents our world being swallowed by plastic! I don’t want to see this and I know you don’t either. So STOP.

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Now What?! The War On Waste Begins

war on waste

As I wait with anticipation for the latest installment of ABC’s War On Waste, I get giddy with every advertisement. Eekk!! My husband sitting beside me be laughs and proclaims ‘of course his wife has to be the one who wants to save the planet’. Well yes dear, I guess I do, so please refer to me from now on as Captain Planet Warrior Princess (that reference is sure to show my age and thank you to those who understood it and chuckled at the memories it brought back).

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Are You Wrapped in Plastic?

girl wrapped in plastic
Wrapped in Plastic

Are your wrapped in plastic? It is Plastic-free July and many of us are using this opportunity to look at ways we can reduce our plastic consumption.  Maybe you have already made a few changes like using metal straws, canvas shopping totes, or even beeswax to replace plastic wrap.  That is great!  However, you might have missed one big opportunity that is touching you right now.  You could be wrapping yourself in plastic and not realize it.

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